AbouT Suzanne

The focus of my work is nature and the natural world and increasingly I am focusing on landscapes that are immediately local to my home in rural Hampshire. I aim to focus on my emotional responses to these landscapes, with a core aim of conveying a sense of how it feels to be within these spaces, tapping into the energy that flows there. I seek to express my experience of this energy as it flows through the landscape and within me, evoking a sense of connectedness between myself and these landscapes. More broadly, I hope that perhaps my work may encourage others to look and to see the beautiful landscape that is out there, to feel a connection to it, and to value and protect it. As a society we are perhaps becoming increasingly disconnected from the landscape and from the natural world - I hope that perhaps in some small way my work may encourage people to reconnect with the landscape and with the universal energy within nature that ultimately connects us all.  

I like to work outdoors, in situ, and in the studio. Typically I go out sketching in the field with charcoal and pastels to make preliminary drawings. These may be developed using inks and mixed media, or I may develop the ideas into paintings created in the studio. I also enjoy plein air painting and have produced a series of small oil studies over the course of the past year from my garden, looking at the same view through the changing seasons.

I find inspiration in the landscapes of rural Hampshire and am also producing work inspired by the wild, vast, rugged landscape of St David’s Head following a recent trip to Pembrokeshire. The changing moods of the sea also intrigue and inspire me. West Wittering and Climping beaches feature in my work, as does the Cornish coastline, and the windswept Atlantic coast of south west Spain. In my seascapes, as with my landscapes, I am interested in the dynamic between what is solid, enduring, and unchanging, versus the moment by moment changes in light, atmosphere, and mood.

Please contact me if you would like to visit the studio to view any of the paintings for sale here.