Early Autumn Sketch III
Summer Evening Study II
Summer Evening Study III
Summer Evening Study IV
Across the Wheatfield Sketch III.jpg
Summer Evening Study V
Early Autumn Study IX.jpg
Summer Evening Study VII
Early Autumn Study X.jpg
Across the Skylark Field Study III
Early Autumn Study XI.jpg
Fields of Gold Study !
Early Autumn Sunset Study I.jpg
Fields of Gold Study II
Early Autumn Sunset Study II.jpg
Fields of Gold Study III
Late Summer Study IV.jpg
From the Garden Study V
Late Summer Study VI.jpg
From the Garden Study VI
Late Summer Study VII.jpg
Across the Wheatfield Study II
Late Summer Study X.jpg
Across the Wheatfield Study IX
Across the Wheatfield Study VIII
Across the Wheatfield Study X
Oil Study V
Oil Study VII
Oil Study VIII
Raw Energy
Across the Skylark Field Study I
The Hedgerow Study I
Summer Trees Study I
Summer Sunset Study IV
Summer Sunset Study V
Across the Rape Field Study I
Summer Sunset Study VI
Across the Skylark Field Study II
Spring Fields Study V
Spring Fields Study III
Spring Fields Study VI
Summer Fields Study III
Toward the Copse Study IV
South Downs Sketch II
Summer Sunset Study III
South Downs Sketch III
South Downs Study VI
Spring Fields Study IV
South Downs Sketch IV
Spring in the Downs I
Summer Fields Study I
Spring in the Downs II
Toward the Copse Study V
Summer Fields Study II
The Wood Study I
South Downs Sketch V
The Wood Study II
Lavington Common Study I
The Wood Study III
Lavington Common Study II
Across the Fields Study III
Frosty Morning I
Frosty Morning II
Lavington Common Study III
Frosty Morning III
Essential Elements Study I
Toward the Wood - Early Spring
Summer Sunset Study VII
Essential Elements Study II
Mountain I
The Wood in Summer Study I
Mountain II
The Wood in Summer Study IX
Mountain III
Winter Day Study I
Winter Day Study II
Snow Fields Study I
Evening Light Study II
Evening Light Study III
Midsummer Dream Study II
Summer Day Study II
Spring Energy
Water I
Skylark Field II
Pendeen study I
Pendeen study III
Climping I
Climping III
Noar Hill study II
Noar Hill study IV
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